Bee By The Sea Skin & Body

Bee By The Sea are a fantastic line of body care products.  RW has continually grown with the line and added their many new products as they come into the market.  They are known for its key ingredients like Sea Buckthorne and unpasteurized honey.  Over the years I have sought out companies that use all natural ingredients.

I have many good friends and family who work in the healthcare industry and suffer from extreme dry skin.  I myself am a loyal customer and enjoy many of the benefits.  Its natural fragrance is like a substitution for perfume. 

Bee By The Sea is high in Vitamin C & E, as well as rich in Omega 3-6-9 & 7.  Its also loaded in Beta Carotene and contains 18 amino acids. 

Beneficial for: eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, sun burns, radiation burns and damage due to laser surgery.  The honey content is good for wrinkles, acne prone skin and known to be good for hair strengthening, shine and moisture.

This is a product line I use and stand behind.

Samantha Ball Rumner's Wobble

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