Wild Prairie

Wild Prairie Soap Company is a Canadian sourced company that we knew would be great for our shop. This Edmonton Soaperie uses natural ingredients to produce high quality skincare essentials that have soothing properties to ensure happy skin.

Wild Prairie soaps are 100% plant-based, cruelty-free products. They are free of preservatives, sulphate  & paraben. They incorporate 50% olive oil to every bar to give your ski extra moisture.

I just love that they have shampoo/soap bars all in one for campers and cottagers, as well as soaps for men who shave, gardeners and soaps for anyone who just loves natural soap.

Then there is the lotion bars that so many mistake for deodorants. LOL.  You can apply directly, hands free and they are classified as a "solid" so when traveling you don't need to think twice! How awesome is that travelers!

All of the selected fragrances we chose to sell are wonderful.  Just try to only pick one!

Samantha Ball Rumner's Wobble

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