White Water Soya Candles

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These beautiful eco-soy candles are a signature candle line offering old world charm in replica enamelware containers.  Subtle blemishes and imperfections have been crafted into the enamelware to replicate an antique container that can be re-used long after your candle is done burning.  Great storage tins for crafts, hair elastics, workshop supplies and the list goes on.

Available in: 9 oz that will give you 80+ hours,   18oz that will give you 120+ hours

Scent Descriptions:

Beach Therapy: The sweet aroma of coconut, pineapple and red currants on freshly picked shea blossoms, pepper pod and lush greens. Chiffon musk and sugar cane add subtle top notes.

Boathouse: Rich woods, deep musk and exotic sandalwood paired perfectly with romantic vanillas. Nostalgic and enticing!

Buttered Maple:  Capture the essence of freshly made pancakes drizzled with melted butter and Canadian maple syrup.

Cedar Cabin:  Bottom notes of raspberry, patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla blended with violet, cinnamon clove and saffron, with grapefruit and bergamot top notes.

Chai Latte: Vanilla and sandalwood blended with cinnimon, nutmeg and clove, with a touch of anise, butter and zesty ginger.

Clothesline: A fresh fragrance that captures the essence of line dried laundry. White floral of lily, cyclamen and paper white, brushed with touches of amber, teak wood and orris. 

Cool Peony: Sophisticated rose like peony combined with sandalwood and vanilla.

Farmhouse Berries: Creamy vanilla blended with raspberry, strawberry and blackberry.

Fragrance Free: Unscented, Fragrance free.

French Vanilla: Sweet buttery vanilla.  Need I say more!

Ginger Fig: Warm woods & vanilla create and inviting base for fresh fig, grated cloves, cinnamon and ginger with sparkling berry on top.

Lavender & Bergamot: Lavender, bergamot and eucalyptus blended with sandalwood.

Lilac Blooms: True lilac with a hint of evergreen and leafy green notes. 

Mystic Forest:  Take an enchanted walk thru the woods with accents of oak moss, musk and like patchouli.

Pear & Cedar:   Fruity notes of fresh pear, juicy plum and sweet mandarin with exotic ylang ylang, lily and clove resting on a warm bed of dry cedar and vanilla.

Pumpkin Souffle:  Creamy vanilla and pumpkin blended with grated cinnamon, clove, ginger and nutmeg 

Salted Grapefruit:  A salty ocean tang opens this brisk, refreshing, and aromatic citrus. A dance of zesty grapefruit, pomelo, and lime with pomegranate and a hint of saffron brings a shower-fresh cleanness.

Sugar Petals:  This sweet sensation is a mixture of plum berry, violet petals, iris and a hint of vanilla bean. 

Twigs & Berries:  Sandalwood, raspberry, vanilla and evergreen blended with eucalyptus, cinnamon and clove, top notes of sparkling citrus and leafy greens.

Soy Wax Tea Lights:  are hand-poured into high quality, clear, poly carb containers which allows the flame to be viewed from all sides as the candle burns down. Tealights are packaged 12 per box. All packaging is fully recyclable. Tealight burn time is 10+ hours. See above for a full listing of fragrance descriptions. (offered: Citronella, French Vanilla, Ginger Fig & Pear & Cidar)